Transform Your Hallway Today With These 5 Tricks

The hallway is the first room we step into after a busy day at work and the last place you see before going out. This is where we welcome our guests so we should not neglect it when decoration if we want to achieve a good first effect.If you are looking for ideas for transforming this most often neglected place in a home, do not miss these ideas to transform the hallway. Whether your style is quite conservative or somewhat jittery you will surely find something that will suit your needs.

  1. Decorate the corridor with the map of the world

You can use old maps in a very interesting way by covering the walls and the ceiling of the corridors with them. In this way, visitors can immediately be sure to enter the house of great travel enthusiasts.

  1. Decoration in the form of a watch of large dimensions

You can do it in an effective and inexpensive way. Set a big clock on the biggest free wall in the hallway, or put a wallpaper that is unusual and simple, and would perfectly imitate the watch.

  1. Eclectic mirrors in the corridor

The collection of mirrors of unusual shape leaves a rather interesting and unique effect in a corridor. There is no way to forget this corridor after you see it once. You can put mirrors in any shapes and pattern you like, with or without their frames.

  1. A corridor with a mural resembling a forest

This corridor is a small paradise for lovers of nature. Although murals can sometimes be expensive, they are an extremely effective way to transform corridors of any size. And it will look magnificent

  1. Blue corridor

If you are in trouble with the budget, there is no better choice to decorate the hallway than to paint it in some interesting color. For example, you can use cobalt blue and a turquoise and purple dish, which makes the area simply revived. An excellent addition is also three beautiful images in the frames of the respective colors.


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