Small Terrace VS. Big Yard – Tips And Tricks

If there is some space left in your apartment from which you can get a small balcony or lodge, then it would be good to arrange it in a special way, instead of converting it into another place for storage various things. In spite of its size, your balcony can become a favorite place in the apartment, especially in the spring days when we want to spend as much time outdoors as we can. The biggest problem is ideas, how to arrange such a small space to be nice, functional and pleasant.

First, you need to pay attention to the floor, whether you want the option to go barefoot outside, you can even get a grass imitation that will perfectly fit especially if the apartment is in the center of a larger city. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of garden furniture on the market, and you always have the option to do something to the extent. Here in the first place we mean benches that can serve for both sitting and leaving things.


For small balconies, the ideal furniture is the one that has multipurpose and can be folded. Before you go shopping, it would be wise to measure everything well, and then just go into sightseeing, and be careful to measure well so you don’t end up buying something that is too big for your balcony. After you have solved the floor and the furniture it’s time to deal with decoration, there are some wonderful wall-mounted racks, and there are also decorative pots, lamps, lanterns… Go wild!

Fireplace for your yard

Even in places that are not constantly confronted with cold days, there is something about fireplaces that many people can not resist. After all, there is nothing so comfortable as sitting next to a fire with friends and family. However, living rooms are by no means the only places where fireplaces can be ideal accessories.

In fact, sometimes the best fireplaces in the world are not at all located in the interior of the house. Thus, outdoor fireplaces can be a perfectly functional decor for every estate and it’s always nice to be able to bring the entertainment outdoors. Whether you own an outdoor kitchen or living room, stone fireplaces can make your space seem very special.


With all this in mind, stone fireplaces can add variety to design and posture a certain dose of perfection in every type of style. Your summer nights will never be the same again thanks to them, and your spacious yard will get a warmer and more friendly atmosphere. And where is fire, there is food and laughter too.


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