Interior Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

 There are many tips and ideas on the internet and in the magazines that will help you on how to design your place perfectly. But there are also numerous traps you should avoid because one single detail can make something great in something that just isn’t right. Here we bring you two things you should pay closer attention to:

Inconsistency between floors and walls

Floors, walls, and ceilings are the basic elements of the interior and its largest surface. It is precisely these that serve as a basis for choosing the desired style and other elements of the interior space. If floors and walls do not correspond to each other’s stylistic, color or texture, the area is broken by the harmony and it disturbs the harmony of that place as a whole.

Whether you like rustic interiors and for that, you have decided on your renovation project, then definitely choose the floors of rough wood or stone slabs. For walls, be moderate when the size of the stone covering is concerned. A better choice is smaller pieces that need to be displayed on smaller surfaces. The stone on the wall works best as a detail that we will specifically highlight and thus emphasize the beauty of its texture and color.

If you want a stylish interior, for the floor the best is an excellent parquet processed with satin matte lacquer or quality laminate with soft and fine textures, and warm colors. On the walls, you can put textile wallpaper, silk, subtle textures that may have applications. Additional elegance can be achieved by wall and ceiling decorative profiles, angular and straight slats and similar accessories.

Naked windows

Windows without any curtains do not contribute to the beauty of your space. Rare are interiors where such a thing can be used. After all, even if you are on the highest floor of a building where no passerby or fellow citizen can see you, sometimes you will still need some protection from the sun.

You can choose between curtains, draperies, panels, and rolls of different types. They revive and beautify the space, and control the amount of daylight and sun that we want in the home. Blinds are a very important element of the interior. They complete the windows and give the final note to space. Different types, shapes, and systems of hanging curtains, changes the proportion, symmetry and atmosphere of the place. In small or poorly distributed windows, curtains can contribute to a visual increase. This improves their position and the proportion of the entire space.

Each style of interior and the purpose of the rooms require different types of curtains and the system of their putting. Slippery lightweight curtains, simple half-screen panels or richly crafted draperies – what you will choose depends on what kind of interior design you want. Let them match the style of your life and complement each other with other elements of the interior. This will create a balanced and harmonious atmosphere.



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