How to select the best flooring for your kitchen?

From accidents with water to pets and kids running around, you need a robust and high-quality floor that can tolerate a lot of tears and wear. In this case, it’s essential to choose a floor that can withstand everyday life in the household.

However, it’s essential to pick up the right one because it can affect the appearance of your entire house, similar to drapes for dining room. So, here are a couple of materials which you should take into consideration when decorating your kitchen.


This is a timeless favorite for many homeowners, and it comes in various options. From dark shades to reclaimed wood, anyone can find its pick. Finished hardwood flooring is durable and can withstand water spills and pets.

When its adequately maintained, it can last you for ages. However, if you notice any signs of aging, you can quickly revive it by sanding and fresh finish. You should watch out for spills and plumbing leaks, if they aren’t cleaned right away, wood will absorb the moist and cause stains. In more severe cases, the wood can rot.

Ceramic Tiles

Tiles are most durable among them all and the long-lasting kitchen floor option out there. Considering they are made of clay, tiles come in various shapes and sizes. Once shaped, they are dried and then fired in a kiln. The majority of them have a glaze, but they can be unglazed as well.

The advantages of glaze tiles are that it resists stains and can be cleaned with all ordinary household cleaners, which makes it pet and spill-friendly. They are also fire and water resistant. On the other hand, if you have cold floors, then you should avoid them.


Vinyl is an affordable option and it a synthetic plastic that can be manufactured in any pattern or color. Because of this, the vinyl floor has been a popular choice in many kitchen and homes for years. Over the time, the vinyl floor has become durable and easy to maintain.

It can resist spills, mold, mildew, and moisture, which makes it perfect for any kitchen.

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