How To Prepare Your Interior And Exterior For The Spring Season

In the time of year when nature is awake is also a great opportunity to prepare your home for the warmer period of the year ahead of us. During the winter, we are neglecting certain parts of the home because we do not use them during the winter period, but now it’s time for all those parts of the interior and exterior to react again. These are some of the ways you can prepare for this exciting part of the year!

Get started with the exterior

Make a circle around the house and locate all parts that may have been damaged from the winter such as doors and windows. It would be a good idea to inspect the roof to determine if tiles are missing in some places and clean the gutter to prevent clogging during the next period.

Yard decorating

See if the garden hoses are right, the access road is cleared and the lawn mowed. Replace all garden tools that are useless and clean all branches, trunks, and remains of plants and bushes next to the access road. After the snow is completely melted, an ideal period is created for the realization of all ideas related to gardening and determining the best system for maintaining all vertical and horizontal surfaces in the garden.

Check all home maintenance systems in the interior

Autumn and spring are ideal periods for checking the functioning of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Before all the major changes in temperature occur, it’s good to find out how all your home maintenance systems are. If you have air filters in your home, check in what condition and replace those that no longer function properly.

Spring cleaning of the interior

So far, your windows are dirty enough from all the snow and rain to be cleaned both the outside and outside. Clean the chandeliers, fans and the fireplace that you used during the winter. If you have a home security system, make sure everything works properly and if each alarm is set up in the right way.


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