How To Do Your Home Improvement Right

You decided you want to renovate your house, and that is great! But home improvements can be a little bit tricky so we wrote down some advice in order to help you go through this project the easiest possible.

  1. Don’t buy cheap materials

When buying building materials, be guided by the well-known “I am not rich enough to buy cheap things!” More expensive building materials are generally better. Ask yourself why some material is more expensive than others, what advantages it has over others. If you can not afford such an investment right now, you’d better wait. In the long run, it will be better especially if you do not have the intention of renovating from time to time.

Think about the so-called “green materials”, from those that are ecological, that is made on a natural basis, to those who can save energy. It is true that investing in organic materials raises budget lines. However, look at it as a good investment for your future, financially and healthily.


  1. Unrealistic price calculation of works

We have already written that quality materials have their price. It’s the same with hiring workers. Cheap workers will work in parallel with other jobs so your renovation could be delayed beyond any given deadlines. Ultimately, if you are not satisfied with the work done, the possible repairs to them will significantly delay the realization. Also, be prepared for additional costs.

  1. Inaccurate measurement of space

When renovating, every centimeter should be important, so irregular measures can make a problem. Misplaced centimeters, an asymmetrical line, and your new kitchen elements will not fit in the kitchen. Check twice! And if you do not have the right measurer, call the professionals to help you. Also, note the positioning of the sockets and switches. It can happen that they are in the wrong places, and then, after the renovated area, you will have a massive problem on your hands.

  1. Unrealistic execution time

Try to estimate realistically how much time you will need to complete renovation work. Consult the workers so that you can tell them in which period the individual jobs will be completed. Take into account your time and your living situation. It’s not the same if you can afford renovation work when you are away from home or if the workers will work on the apartment where your everyday life takes place. It is of the utmost importance to set a real project completion date. Do not make this stress and nervousness your safe companions in your work.

  1. Neglecting Safety at Work

    Renovating without protection is not wise. Before moving to work, get all the necessary protective equipment: glasses, suitable gloves, breathing masks and the like. Also, if you do your own work on the adaptation, wear appropriate clothing and footwear. If the works are such that there is a risk of something falling on your head, do not be afraid to wear a protective helmet.


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