Errors You Should Avoid In Format, Color, And Pattern

 When you see an interior that you visually like, know that it is created by successfully combining different materials, colors, textures, and patterns. The discrepancy error is most often due to unplanned and impulsive purchases, as well as ignorance or fear of combining. The layers for creating a successful interior include floors, paints and wall treatments, wallpaper, wall and ceiling decorative profiling, curtains, furniture, pads, carpets, lighting, but also books, works of art, plants. When these elements are not well-coordinated, the chaos, dysfunction, and confusion dominate the interior instead of balance and harmony.

How it is done

In order to achieve a good and harmonious relationship between the mentioned elements, it is wise to consult an architect or decorator of the interior at the beginning of the renovation planning. They will form the so-called design board where a variety of samples and types of materials can be combined. It begins with the determination of style, then the basic colors, adding details in contrasting color, different patterns, texture, and materials. The moment you begin to match the patterns of parquet, ceramics, fabrics and other materials and elements you like, you will easily notice whether something is superfluous or inconsistent. You will see how different materials complement each other and how each one looks in a relationship with each other.

You do not have to worry about combining floral designs of different colors and sizes with curved, striped or geometric patterns. Do not be afraid of combining different textures. It is important that they agree with one another and expose each other. Also, rely on your personal feeling that will tell you whether these combinations are ideal for your space and lifestyle. Of course, your goal is not to have the apartment look like a picture from a magazine, but to have a personal stamp, a specific style, and that it is pleasant to stay in it.

Do not make it too trendy

By relying on the previously written, you should avoid the mistake of blindly following the style and the current trend in your work. Do not be the victim of the last designer hit. Trends are short-lived. Your home is not. Make it a nice and comfortable space in which you will feel protected, calm and in which you will always be happy to come back. Make your place a true home.


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