Baldachin In The Exterior Of The House

Are you looking for some simple yet original way to refresh the exterior of your home? You do not want to completely change your garden and flowers, you do not have the need to change the paths, and make that for example from now, your garden paths are now from wood instead from stone. Perhaps you have a terrace that is next to your house or apartment and that terrace is not used in the best possible way? Well, there is a very simple solution. It may only be necessary to find that one piece of furniture that will open and completely transform your space.

Perhaps you need a piece of furniture that looks authentic, even slightly foreign or oriental, to fill up your imagination and the imagination of your guests. You need something quite comfortable where you can completely relax and when you close your eyes imagine yourself on a cruise, on a sandy beach, and perhaps even near the pyramid? This piece of furniture should be multifunctional so that you can read in it, lay down, relax, or talk with someone.


We found just the thing

For centuries, baldachin is used as decoration in the interior of the home, primarily for beds and chairs. Baldachin made in a simple way can protect from sun and unwanted views in the exterior of the home. When placed on the terrace, the balcony or in the yard it will become a very interesting decorative element and will create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. All colors of the canopy are allowed, but the white color is recommended because it draws less heat. At the same time, white color creates an airy atmosphere.

Centrally placed baldachin is a beautiful detail on the terrace or balcony. The central part can be carried out in a relaxed version of the straight carrier, through which the canopy flared. On the spacious terrace, the balcony or in the yard you can put a bed with canopy and around it pots with different flowers.


Baldachin on one side of the small terrace or balcony will be a good protection from the sun and give a little more privacy. An old armchair with a canopy above it will create an interesting corner for relaxing or reading on the terrace or balcony. Next, to it, you can put a little table for leaving small things or cups.



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